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Tuarua Fiji - Corsica is a small Subcontinent, part of Tuarua Fiji estate (that is, private-owned), located inside Corsica continent, but linked by a transcontinental channel to Tuarua Fiji (formerly known as Seychelles) Subcontinent, part of Nautilus.

Coordinates are 1133-1139/1079-1081. SLGI team gave this subcontinent the transitory name B004.


On August 27th 2014, the construction of Seychelles Transcontinental Channel was completed. This great achievement, the first of the Transcontinental Channels built from private initiative, revolutionized transportation in East Continents and made Nautilus Strait Project from a dream into a reality. Slowly, after this event, new sims were added at the border of Corsica. And because navigation channels were sometimes extremely narrow, a new, small sea (known as the Aldabra Sea), was put in place, to allow a better access to other parts of Corsica.

In November 2015, Seychelles Estate was sold, the new owner renamed it Tuarua Fiji. Therefore, the official name became Tuarua Fiji, although many residents still call it Seychelles.


Seychelles Corsica

Altitude map

At this time (August 2th 2016), this micro-continent is made of 15 sims. 7 of them are in direct contact with the new opened waterways. From them, 14 sims resemble a Tropical Beach Paradise and host a total of 34 islands. The 15th one, Cosmoledo Isle, resembles an equatorial jungle and hosts the largest of all islands.

Ground texture usually resembles sand, with grass at higher elevation. The exception, Cosmoledo Isle, is covered with grass and brown-colored ground. It looks like all 15 sims have the same day length and the same settings for sky design.

As the altitude map reveals, there are a few distinct features of this subcontinent. Usually, dryland is not elevated, but there are a few exceptions. Sometimes, these tropical islands might host mountains. In Cosmoledo Isle, highest altitude was found to be 49 meters on a mountain. Deder Isle revealed to have small peaks, reaching 47 meters. The altitude record is achieved by Coetivy Isle, 70 meters. In Coetivy, the sim is divided in 4 large parcels and hosts 4 mountain islands, covered by jungle vegetation.

All the other islands revel small altitudes, large beaches with white sand and tropical vegetation.

Water is usually deep, very good for sailing. However, close to beaches there are places with shallow water, very good to take a bath or to relax for those who don't know how to swim.

Transportation and accessibility[]

Waterways are opened for anyone. There are no ban lines, but a few security orbs with high action time can be found on some islands. Sailing and flying are encouraged. There are many docks along the way, but also airports, airfields and heliports.

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