Ocean Microcontinent

Ocean si a Microcontinent placed at Coordinates 486-490/1256-1262, inside Grid Sector D12, North - West Ocean. It has also the transitory name A026. Its position on the map is close to Wild West continent.


This microcontinent remained unchanged in the last two years.


Ocean has an interesting shape. On the map, it looks like an octopus or like a Nazi zymbol. Of course, this is just a coincidence. The shape, with 3 branches, allow residents to travel long distances by Water. It is made of 15 sims, but to get from one end to another you need to go through 10 sims. Its diffuse form makes it look almost the size of Wild West continent, even if it has less then half the number of sims.

The microcontinent is made of islands, separated by navigable water. Altitude is low. Ground texture resembles sand and the entire place is made to look like a tropical beach paradise. Protected Land includes waterways. Land With Restricted Access exists on many islands.

The entire microcontinent is a Tropical Beach Paradise.

Sim Examples[]

  • Porto Alegre
  • Porto Santo
  • Isla Dorada
  • Caribbean Pearl

Land Status[]

Land is owned by a single estate, the same that owns A027 Sim Cluster.

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