The mountains of Corsica don't form a compact Geographic structure and cannot be merged into a Subcontinent. In fact, Corsica has many small, remote mountains. Majority of them can be considered as independent Geographic Structures.

The following list is made in chronological order as the mountains were discovered by SLGI team during an altitude survey of the continent.

Mountains Of The Prim[]

Land and altitude map of Mountains Of The Prim

The Mountains Of The Prim are a Geographic Structure located inside Corsica continent. It can also be considered a Subcontinent if we consider all sims that share the plateau.

Because of its size and complexity, it is listed as a separate article: Mountains Of The Prim. Highest altitude: 173 meters, making it the highest point on Corsica.

Laserlight Plateau[]

Laserlight Plateau

This was the highest point during 2013 and 2014 surveys. It is not a mountain, but a plateau that extends to South, close to the coastal waterway. Even so, its Southern edge looks like a mountain and can be more easily explored in sim Edge Walker. Maximum measured altitude is 167 meters, below Mountains Of The Prim, but a bit higher then all the other mountains.

Exploring this place is more easy from South, where the Circuit Road reaches very close to the South coastal waterway. This point is also very close to Seychelles - Corsica and the Seychelles Transcontinental Channel.

All land is owned by rental corporations, but access is granted for public.

The plateau has sharp borders in South, while in North, it becomes very easy to climb. Further North, in Poorlatrice, a second plateau exists, with the maximum measured altitude of 167 meters, similar to what was found at the top of Edge Walker sim.

A unique feature is the presence of a depression, located in sim Chasm Deep. There, lowest altitude was measured to be 36 meters. Amazingly, the depression is not flooded with water, only small traces of sand can be seen through the grass. The depression covers the entire sim and being so large it was impossible to see it in detail without the altitude map. Most probably, this depression is the result of tectonic movement. The fact that it has no water suggests that rocks here have some porosity that allows water to flow through.

Despite the high altitude, there are no mountains. It is a high plateau and in some parts the low inclination detected is more similar to that of hills then to mountains.

Nostrilia Mountain[]

Altitude map for Nostrilia

This mountain forms an island inside 4 sims: Nostrilia, Cavathor, Zimnago and Otherwhen. Unfortunately, all 4 are controlled by land corporations and all 4 have entity orbs, so that it is almost impossible to take a close look. SLGI team managed to get close enough to see that the Altitude is 115 to 125 meters and that the highest peak is located in Nostrilia sim. The discovery of this mountain comes after an altitude survey conducted on the area.

BoShek Mountain[]

BoShek plus altitude map

This mountain is located in 4 sims, the highest and largest part is found inside BoShek sim. Its natural elevation is about 125 meters, but on top of it, there are cliffs, increasing the height to 152 meters. Also, travelers will find a big house with a park. Access is granted for visitors.

It is good to start a visit from North-West, where slices of abandoned land allow an easier approach.

Two smaller peaks can be found in Boshek further East, very close one to each other. Their altitude is 88 respectively 90 meters. A third peak is located even further in East, in allana sim, with an elevation of 79 meters.

Not far from here, in Dallows (117,71,99), there is another mountain, almost impossible to climb. It has 99 meters high and has a hole in its center. Most probably it is a dead volcano.

Logray Peaks[]

Logray mountains and altitude map

Logray sim hosts a mountain at Coordinates (246,118,91). Its sides are highly abrupt, but its top is rounded. Climbing is not a problem, since it is covered by abandoned land. The surrounding plain is 50 meters high, so the mountain is visible from high distance. In the same sim, further to West, two small peaks, much rounded and united, can be seen. They are 67 meters high. A bit more to North, inside Asha sim, other peaks are visible. At a closer look, there are 8 peaks, the highest one being 73 meters. They rise 10 to 15 meters above the surrounding plateau. So, the Logray mountain complex has 11 peaks.

This kind of landscape is also found in real world. The mechanism behind is the following one: First, mountains are formed. Then, the whole area becomes lower, usually because of tectonic plaque activity. The area becomes a lake, where mountain peaks rise above as islands. In the third step, the lake is silted with sediments brought by rivers from newer, higher mountains, until the mountain islands remain as isolated peaks in a large plateau.

Killtower Mountain[]

Killtower and altitude map

They are located in Killtower sim. There are two large peaks, reaching an altitude of 106 meters. Both peaks are part of a large mountain that covers 30% of the sim. To West, the mountain extends close to the shores, while in East, it borders a large plateau. Altitude transition is gradually and there are many small terraces.

Almost the entire mountain is abandoned land, so there is no problem exploring it.

Killtower Mountain has a complex structure, with small platforms and steep grades. It is a good place to go horse riding.

Unlike other small mountains in Corsica, it is alone. Travelers that adventure to East will find similar altitudes, but not under the form of mountains. They will find only a plateau.

Maitake - Khanuy Gol Mountains[]

Maitake and altitude map

In fact, it is a single mountain, with two small peaks. Both of them are 87 meters high and between them altitude drops to 84 meters. It is located in Maitake sim. To South, the coast can be seen not far. To North, the landscape is continued with a lower plateau. The mountain covers about 60% of the sim and small parts of it are located in nearby sims.

The largest part is Abandoned Land and so visitors can easy climb to the top. Close to it, you can find gardens and forests.

From the top of this mountain, you can see the hills of Taryatu Chulutu to North. From distance, they might look like mountains. As you get closer, it becomes clear that their surface is inhabited and there are many buildings that separate parcel border. It is not a good idea to force your luck and enter there.

Once you reach the hills, to West, another elevated Geographic structure can be seen to North, in Khanuy Gol sim. It is something between a mountain and a group of hills. Still, the rocky surface and the presence of a higher peak might be arguments to consider them as small mountains. The highest peak is 97 meters and is separated. There are other 3 smaller peaks, merged into a larger structure with a plateau between them.

Olavtoppen Mountains[]

A view from Olavtoppen and altitude map. In distance are visible Khanuy Gol Mountains

Olavtoppen is a high mountain, reaching 155 meters. It is not visible on world map because ground has the same texture (rock). However, the altitude map revealed its presence. It is very high compared to the land around it. Climbing is possible on all sides, can be done by foot or by horse. However, it is more easy to climb from North then from South.

All around, land is Abandoned Land, except a parcel in a nearby sim that is set for sale. From here, across endless parcels of abandoned land, it is easy to find a way to other mountains and even as far as Kwaito and Temple Of The Prim.

The mountain is on the South end of a plateau where altitude varies from 100 to 130 meters. Depending on conditions (what sim will rezz first), it is possible to see also a few other small mountains to North-East. The list includes Peerskill Mountain (142 meters, but appears smaller since the surrounding plateau is higher there) and the small peak in Marasmius (130 meters).

Toshimora Mountains[]

The peaks of Tashimora with altitude map

There are two mountains inside sim Tashimora. The western peak reaches 106 meters high and the eastern one 125. Both are located on a plateau with average altitude of 90 meters. To North, altitude gradually decreases to sea level. The eastern peak is longer and continues into nearby sim, Earthball. Access is easy, due to existing parcels of abandoned land that cover almost the entire surface of Toshimora sim.

Visiting these mountains is easy and can be done by foot, by horse, by motorbike or any off-road vehicle.

Eldfell Mountain[]

Eldfell and surrounding area

This is a lonely mountain located very close to the coastline. It is located in Eldfell sim, at border with Katla sim. Its altitude was measured to be 56 meters. On top, there is a small plateau. Climbing is very hard, if not impossible, despite its low size. The best advice is to purchase wings before visiting.

Eldfell Mountain is on land owned by an estate. Access was granted to visitors during our survey. There is a forest close to it.

Tra Mohr[]

Tra Mohr and altitude map

Tra Mohr is a mountain very close to North coast. In fact, to North, its coast is separated from the sea only by the beach. The mountain is 92 meters high and has a plateau on its top. Climbing to the top is not easy, the best way is on its West side. All land around has low elevation, so that the mountain appears to be very high.

Land on the mountain is owned by an estate. During our survey, access was granted for public, but this might be subject to change. Around the mountain, all parcels are Inhabited Land except for the coastal sim located in North-West.

Greystones Large Mountain[]

Greystones and altitude map

This mountain is the center of a large, isolated island in Corsica, that also hosts Tra Mohr. It is large and covers at least two sims. The mountain reaches 104 meters high and is massive. The low declivity makes it look similar to the Mountains Of Nautilus. In fact, it appears as a huge hill. Also, it is a distinct feature, visible on the map since texture is different then on surrounding parcels.

Land is owned by an estate. At the date of our survey, access was granted for visitors. Much of the surrounding area is inhabited or rented land.

Shiitake - Gorgonzola Mountains[]

A view from Shiitake and an altitude map

The Gorgonzola - Shiitake complex is made of 3 mountains, isolated and located along the borders of a terrace system that forms a large plateau. They are placed in such a way that from one peak you can see the next one.

Shiitake is the highest of all mountains. It has an altitude of 142 meters (elevation 25 meters compared to surrounding land). It is small and with rounded top. Close to it, there is a building. To East, the plateau becomes higher then the mountain. To West, land becomes lower and lower. Almost the entire sim is Abandoned Land.

Far to South-West from Shiitake another mountain can be seen. It is Bilogorac, the mos Southern peak of the Gorgonzola peaks. This mountain is located at the border of 4 sims. Its altitude was measured to be 78 meters. It is a bit smaller and more rounded compared to Shiitake. Because of repeated terraforming, the mountain has a few terraces. There is a house on top, one of the rare inhabited parcels in the area.

To South-West from Bilogorac, you enter Gorgonzola sim. Here, 3 peaks can be seen. They are not quite mountains, in fact they are just peaks of a descending plateau, as it approaches the shores. The best way to visit them is from road 11, close to its end, where is also a rezz zone. Moving West from the road, there is first a peak with an altitude of 45 meters. Further away, another peak reaches 57 meters. Then, a third one is 65 meters high. From here, just in front of you, there is Bilogorac and far at the horizon you will see Shiitake.

From Gorgonzola, far to North, close to Gouda sim, another peak reaches 48 meters high.

Almost all land is Abandoned Land. The presence of a rezz zone and a lot of abandoned land makes Gorgonzola Mountain Complex a good destination for off-road vehicles, for horse riding and other mountain acivities. Landscapes worth a visit.

Panquehue Mountain[]

On top of Panquehue

Panquehue is a mountain located on top of a large plateau. Surrounding land has an elevation of 85 meters, but still is very close to the shores. On top of the mountain, altitude reaches 106 meters. The land is inhabited and hosts an art gallery. climbing is easy. There are stairs that help you get there. It is a lovely place, with flowers, grass and a rainbow. The landscape around also is worth a visit.

The mountain is close to the plateau border and also close to the shore. So, climbing from the shore to mountain top is a real adventure. And just as mentioned before, since the land belongs to an art gallery, there are many things to see.

Yellowmoon Mountain Range[]

Yellowmoon Mountain Range

The Yellowmoon mountain range is the Northern end of a high plateau. There, the plateau reaches its highest elevation and forms a mountain range, with a few peaks, before falling abruptly to the ocean in North. The mountain range is oriented East - West.

It starts in Featherman sim (East), close to the shore. Altitude rises fast to 126 meters, at a small plateau, close to Yellowmoon sim border. From here, climbing is not so difficult. In Yellowmoon, the first peak is 151 meters high. The Northern side of the mountain range is very abrupt, making it difficult to climb. To South, altitude slowly decreases into a large plateau.

A second peak reaches again 151 meters high, close to the center of Yellowmoon sim. From here, you can see to North the coast, in Troll Sweat sim. The altitude difference is amazing. To South, a small peak (118 meters high), can be seen, rising from the plateau. Going South is a good idea, it allows us to take a better look at the mountain range. Also, we can have a great view of the plain to South.

If we return to the mountain range and continue to West, we enter Motocyclone sim. There, another peak awaits us, with altitude of 160 meters. This is the highest point. Further to North, there is a plateau, then altitude decreases fast as we approach the ocean again.

Yellowmoon Mountains are almost entirely located on Abandoned Land, so it is easy to travel by foot. The nearest rezz zone is in Usery sim (about 1 km away, inside the ocean), which makes very difficult to bring an off-road vehicle here. Still, for any mountain lover, they are worth a visit.

Another small peak is located in Vile Chapel, at the North-West sim corner, very close to Yellowmoon sim. It is 78 meters high (surrounding area is about 67 meters).

Fenland Mountains[]


South from Yellowmoon, lies Fenland. The name comes from the fact that a few sims share this common name. In Fenland, a few mountains can be seen.

  • Ferazom Mountain reaches 117 meters high and is highly affected by terraforming.
  • Upper Fenland Mountain is 114 meters high and located 300 meters from Ferazom. It is not affected by terraforming so hard and has a small plateau on its top.
  • Axenfall Mountain is located much Souther and is 88 meters high. It is sharper and harder to climb. Also, it is visible from the coast.
  • Chilispoon sim hosts a hill (not a mountain), 65 meters high, elongated and with flat top.

All these mountains are close to Fenland Airport. All are on Inhabited Land. To travel from one to the other is hard, because you will have to go through many parcels. Still, all 3 mountains are on land that allows access, while the hill is on abandoned land. Climbing the mountains will give you a better view of Fenland area.

Extensor Mountain[]

Extensor Mountain

Extensor is an isolated mountain located about 150 meters from the shores. It reaches 85 meters high and has a rounded top. It dominates the surrounding plains.

Further to West, there is a small peak (51 meters), in Synister sim, from where you can have a better view of Extensor Mountain.

There is a lot of abandoned land and also some rental corporations have land there. So, access is not a problem.

Gorlen Hill[]

Gorlen Hill + altitude map

Gorlen Hill is a sim that hosts two mountains. Technically they are mountains, even the sim name is for a hill. However, land between them is not flat. One mountain is located at the North-East sim corner and has a plateau on its top. It reaches 79 meters high. To South, a river is formed and it flows through a forest. Walking along the river and through the forest is worth a visit.

The other peak is half located in Filantropic sim and has 95 meters high. It also has a small peak to West. From its top, the first mountain is visible to North. Also, it is visible that the area between these two mountains is not flat. It is a place with many hills and small valleys.

Further to South-West, 3 hills can be seen. Their measured altitude is 50, 50 and 38 meters high.

Land around the first peak in Gorlen Hill is Inhabited Land that allows access. Land in Filantropic (second peak and the hills) is owned by a rental corporation.

Bilstreen Mountains[]

Bilstreen Mountains and altitude map

There are two mountains located in Bilstreen sim. The Western mountain is 82 meters high and is sharp, with a rounded top. The Eastern mountain is 94 meters high and has a small terrace to South. Between them, altitude drops to 64 meters. Both mountains are visible on the map as they are made of stone and they emerge from the surrounding grass-covered plateau.

Both mountains are on Abandoned Land and are not far from the nearby road 11. It is possible to get close to them by using an off-road vehicle rezzed on the road. However, no vehicle is able to climb them.

Further North, in Engine Nine, there is another, smaller mountain, reaching 67 meters high. This one is covered by grass.

At North-West from Bilstreen, in the nearby Whiternook sim, there is another mountain. This one is made of a central mountain range, with a first peak reaching 98 meters and a high peak reaching 111 meters. It is very close to road 11 (that can be seen to West). Climbing it will allow you to see the landscape of the surrounding area. To North-East, there is a large plain.

Roclaren Mountain[]


Roclaren is a peak at the border of a plateau. It is Inhabited Land and its owners are friendly. The peak reaches 108 meters and it appears as a mountain as seen from West (the coast) or just as a small hill from East (the plateau). It is the border between the stone plateau to East and the grass-covered coast to West. On top of it, there is a statue resembling an angel.

Innisallen Mountains[]

Innisallen and altitude map

Surrounded by road 11, there is a fragmented plateau that hosts a few mountain peaks and some hills. The first to be discovered was Innisallen, with an altitude of 145 meters. It is more a rocky hill then a mountain.

To North, there is another peak. Muinstown (140 meters high), also rounded and covered by rock. Half of it is abandoned land.

Compared to the mountains, the plateau (located further West), is flat and 155 meters high. It is a deserted place, with not many buildings.

South-East from Innisallen Peak, the altitude map reveals some elevation. It is not a mountain, but a flat hill.

Driftwood Mountain[]


Driftwood is a solitary mountain located close to the North shore, with no road access. It is situated in a Tropical Beach Paradise and is surrounded by vegetation and buildings. Land is owned by an estate. During our visit, access was granted for public.

Altitude was measured to be 43 meters.

The mountain is small, with a rounded top, covered by grass.

Ephant Mountains[]

Ephant mountain system

Ephant is a solitary mountain, located in a large plain. Its heights dominate the landscape. From its top, you can see far away. Its location in the center of a sim also facilitates nearby sims to rezz, for a larger view. The mountain is covered with stone texture. What makes it different from other mountains is the presence of a tree on top of it.

Land is Abandoned Land, so that access is very easy. However, there are many inhabited places around.

To South, there is another mountain, Gardulla, visible from top of Ephant. It is 85 meters high (smaller), a bit wider and with its slopes more easy to climb. It is large surrounded by abandoned land.

West from Gardulla and South-West from Ephant, lies Chalumn, another solitary mountain. This one is 74 meters high and is harder to see on map. The altitude survey almost missed its presence.

West from Ephant and North from Chalmun, inside Klaatu sim, the altimeter detected some elevation. It is not a mountain but a plateau created by repeated terraforming.

Tarfang Mountain[]


Tarfang is a mountain located on a rocky plateau. It reaches 120 meters high and it is large. Also, it has a smaller peak. The mountain is on abandoned land and can be visited from the Circuit Road (located 400 meters away).

The plateau has many hills, small peaks and depressions, but no other mountain. It extends a few sims to North.

Maske Mountain[]


Maske is a high and wide mountain, a rocky massif, located close to the North shores. Access is possible from the North coastal waterway or from South (longer but more easy, over parcels of abandoned land, from Circuit Road.

The mountain reaches 140 meters high. Almost all land is abandoned land. During the abandon process, its surface was transformed, so that it is covered by multiple small terraces. It continues to North close to the shores and to South, with an endless rocky plateau.

Twilight Bound Plateau[]

Twilight Bound + altitude

Altitude surveys revealed a large structure with high elevation in Twilight Bound sim, continued to North and South. This structure does not have the steep grades required for a mountain, so it is better catalogued as a large hill. However, because of its high altitude, its texture resembles stone. Maximum altitude was measured to be 141 meters in South and 150 meters in North. Measurements are not easy because there are ban lines, entity orbs or large buildings on top of higher peaks. Also, there is enough abandoned land to allow access.

The Twilight Bound plateau is visible from Circuit Road (mainly from shortcut 1).

Archer Peak[]


Archer is an isolated peak. It can be described as a piece of rock rising from a plateau covered with grass. It is 86 meters high, while the surrounding plateau is 70. To North, the plateau ends and altitude gradually drops to the sea. To South, the plateau is more flat. What is interesting, is a valley located to West, full with small terraces. At a closer look, to South, Chranicle Mountains can be seen.

All land is Abandoned Land, so that it is easy to find a way through. There is no rezz zone around, but if somehow you manage to get there by horse, by an off-road vehicle or by motorbike, it is a good idea to continue the trip South towards Chranicle Mountains.

Chranicle Mountain Complex[]

Chranicle Mountains seen from the base, plus altitude map

The Chranicle Mountain Complex is made of a few peaks surrounding a central peak, forming a common body. From the main peak, a small platform is located to North (118 meters high), a good place to spot Archer Mountain, located further to North. The main peak is 136 meters high and has an irregular form. From its top, you can see the other peaks, the surrounding rocky plateau and the only few inhabited parcels. To South-East, if you come in night time, you will notice a strange blue object on the sky, some sort of fake moon. It is there because of a rental corporation that has a skybox there. To West, another small peak extends from the mountain, reaching 127 meters high. On top of it, there is a commercial sign. To East, right after the sim border, in Bemento sim, there is another peak, small, with a maximum altitude of 115 meters. It is a good place to take snapshot of the mountain complex.

The rocky plateau is continued to South, but without any other mountains. Almost all is abandoned land, so it is easy to find a way through.

Parambikulam Peak[]


This is a small mountain located on a rocky plateau. It is 105 meters high and it does not rise too high about the plateau. To make things worse, half of it was excavated to allow building of a house. Land in the area is a mixture of abandoned and inhabited land. The view is blocked to South and East because of buildings, but to North and West you can see far away.

Ashenlave Mountain[]


Ashenlave is a high and sharp mountain. It is located very close to Circuit Road. The road and surrounding plateau are located at an altitude of 63 meters. The mountain is clearly visible to North-West from the road, looking like the tooth of a giant shark. Seen from North, the mountain is much wider. After a minute of walking on the plain, it is time to climb hard. Be equipped for this, don't try in high heels. The mountain top is at 122 meters high and gives a large view at the road and surrounding areas. Climbing and returning to the road will only take you 6 minutes, but it is worth every second. All land is abandoned land, so it is not a problem to visit.

Henrietta Mountain Range & Nizzels Peaks[]

Henrietta + altitude map

Henrietta is the highest peak along one of the largest mountain ranges in Corsica.

The Eastern end is located in Krongower sim, where it is covered by some buildings. There, altitude is below 90 meters. Then, in Henrietta, it reaches the incredible height of 167 meters. This is much above the surrounding plateaus.

It is much more easy to climb along the mountain range (from East of West) then to try directly from North or South. Along the mountain range, climbing is possible by horse or by motorbike.

West from Henrietta, altitude drops fast to 120 meters. The mountain range can hardly be identified here, as it vanished into the plateau, at a very flat peak reaching 134 meters, in Lestern sim.

If you try to find other peaks on the plateau, there are not many. Too small to be mountains, they could hardly be detected by our altitude scan. There is one in Nizzels (195,251,138). It reaches 138 meters high, but the surrounding plateau is 124. So, it is only 14 meters high in fact. Another one is Nizzels 2 (3,98,129). This one is 129 meters high. The third one, Nizzels 3 (40,20,125), is even smaller.

Valis Mountain[]

Valis (right) and road (left). Altitude map to Henrietta

Valis is a very large mountain located close to Circuit Road (shortcut 2). The fact that a road is so close and that all land is abandoned land, makes this mountain highly accessible. Climbing from the road is not hard and can be done by foot, by horse, by motorbike or by off-road vehicle.

The mountain is covered with small terraces since it was abandoned. Ground texture resembles rock.

If you want adventure, the trip can be continued to East, over the rocky plateau, all the way to Nizzels Peaks and further away to Henrietta Mountain Range (see above). From Henrietta, it is possible to reach the road again (shortcut 3).

Splinterwod Mountain[]

Splinterwood with altitude map

Splinterwood is a mountain located close to the East end of Corsica. Access is possible from the Circuit Road and for the East shores. Since the largest part of this mountain is abandoned land, access is easy.

The mountain is 131 meters high and rises above a rocky, abandoned plateau. It is located at the border of 4 sims, the highest part being located in Splinterwood sim. Close to the top, there is a castle.

A visit to the mountain is easy. From the road, it takes a few minutes to explore. The visit can be done by horse or by off-road vehicle without problems.

Moork Rocky Hill[]


Moork is something between a mountain and a hill. It was listed here, because its texture resembles rock, a feature expected for mountains. It is long and has a plateau on its top. Maximum altitude is 117 meters. Since its slopes are abandoned land, you can find small terraces. Access is easy from West, from the Circuit Road.

Yuiselle Mountain Complex[]

Yuisells + altitude map

This is a mountain complex with four high peaks, located inside 3 sims. Between the peaks, land is more elevated then the surrounding plateau. As you move further away, altitude becomes lower.

  • Yuiselle 1 is the most Northern high peak and measures 147 meters high. It offers a large view of the lower plateau located to North-East.
  • Yuiselle 2 is in the center, surrounding by other peaks. It also is 147 meters high, but because the plateau is higher, it appears smaller.
  • Yuiselle 3 is in fact in Shempo sim and is higher (159 meters). It appears to have a small range on its top. Climbing is hard, because of the steep grades that make problems to any vehicle and unexperimented travelers.
  • Yuiselle 4 is partielly located in Glashtan sim. It is the highest of all (160 meters). It rises from the plateau like the tooth of a prehistoric animal. It is easier to climb from East side.

There are no other peaks or mountains nearby. The way Yuiselle complex formed is a mystery. Most probably, it is a remnant of a far much older mountain system that once existed here.

Access is easy, from road (Circuit Road and Shortcut 4 merge together South to the mountain complex, where also a rezz zone can be found). It is easy to travel to the mountains on parcels of abandoned land. The presence of a nearby rezz zone makes Yuiselle a good destination for mountain exploration, that can be done very easy with off-road vehicles.

Queck Isolated Mountains[]

Queck + altitude map

Close to Corsica's East coast, in the plain, there are a few small mountains, detected by altitude scanners. They are very isolated, lost in the plain and unconnected one to the other. Queck was the first to be discovered by SLGI team and gave its name to all the other mountains. They are all located South from Yuiselle Mountains.

  • Queck Mountain is located in Queck sim and has an altitude of 71 meters. All land around is covered with grass. The sea can be seen in South. Land is Inhabited Land and allows public access.
  • Benangatron is a hill that rises from a low-altitude plain, close to the sea and with many ponds. Its maximum altitude is 39 meters. The landscape is beautiful, it is covered with trees. The land is designed for a vampire roleplay. If you belong to a vampire family, feel welcome to explore.
  • Danshire Island is a very small island, located in a submerged sim. Unfortunately, the estate that owns land there, does not allow visitors, so we know nothing but what our altitude survey found. It is possible that Danshire is a submerged mountain.
  • Instabar Mountain is a large mountain located in Instabar sim. It is only 71 meters high, but its base is massive. On its top, there is a house with a swimming pool.
  • Wharshaw appears to be another small mountain, this time on abandoned land. It is 66 meters high.

All these mountains and mountain-related Geographic features are in an high-populated area. So, there is much inhabited land. In order to get to them, a traveler must find its path. Teleporting might be the best way to go through. The last mountain, Warshaw, is accessible from Circuit Road.

The Tall Walk[]

The Tall Walk seen from Cyamenti

Cyamenti Peak is a small mountain (78 meters high), visible on the map as a small white spot in Cyamenti sim. North from it, there is a very large hill that reaches 97 meters high, covering almost the entire sim named The Tall Walk. Land is owned by an estate that has buildings up in the sky. Visiting the hill is not a problem.

Shiradin Beach Mountain[]


Despite its low altitude (43 meters), Shiradin might be considered a mountain. It is located in a Tropical Beach Paradise, very close to the shores. Land is ranked Inhabited Land and is home to a club. The owners made a plateau on top of the mountain and added cliffs on the sides. It is a good place to relax and watch the sun goes by.

Jinson Mountain[]


Jinson is a small mountain (81 meters high) located in a sub-tropical area, not far from the coastline. Its land is owned by a rental corporation. Access was granted to public during our survey. Visiting this mountain is possible only by teleporting. Access from nearby protected land is difficult.

Ishel Down Mountain[]

Ishel Down

Ishel Down is the highest peak on the South-East island of Corsica. It also is the only point where altitude on the island reaches above 100 meters (129 in fact). The mountain is located in two sims: Ishel Down and Denfelir. It is a high mountain, difficult to climb.

The mountain is on abandoned land, so it is easy to directly teleport on it. From its top, you can have a great landscape of all surrounding places.

Andresson - Sandstorm[]


This mountain is located in Andresson sim (about 62,231,58). All land is owned and almost all land is covered by buildings. Even more, there is Land With Restricted Access. The maximum elevation was determined to be 58 meters.

Further to North, there is another mountain, in Sandstorm sim. This one is smaller (49 meters) and more rounded. It is placed on abandoned land, so it is easy to visit. Because of existing buildings, it is not possible to see one mountain from the other.

Arcar Mountain[]

Arcar with altitude

Arcar is a large mountain located in an island on the West end of Corsica. It is 128 meters high. Compared to other mountains on the continent, it is huge, because surrounding land is low. It also forms a small mountain range. The mountain is located inside Arcar sim and does not extend into nearby sims. Also, there are no small mountains or peaks around.

The mountain is almost completely covered by abandoned land and surrounding sims are owned by rental corporation, that usually have buildings in skyboxes. So, it is possible to come from the sea by boat, to abandon your boat and start an adventure by foot. There are no rezz zones nearby.

Gunfunk Mountains[]

Gunfunk + altitude

This is a group of mountains located on the West shores of Corsica. There are a few isolated mountains, some of them with only one peak, others with more peaks, oriented South-North.

The Southern peak is in Moodle sim and has 58 meters high. Its top is rounded and looks like the surface of a tooth. The mountain is on a small parcel of abandoned land. From it, to North it is easy to see the next mountain, Gunfunk.

Gunfunk is a larger mountain, with a few peaks. The first peak to be found while visiting from South is 77 meters high. The second is 81. Finally, a third peak, more flat, rises to 81 meters again. The mountain is covered by abandoned land, but inhabited land is around and hosts buildings. From here, if someone heads West, will reach protected land and coastal waterway. So, it is very easy to go to Gunfunk.

Another small peak (56 meters high, rising only a few meters above surrounding plateau) can be seen further to North.

If someone tries to go further North, in search for other mountains, there is only one, small, far to North, inside Dubonnest sim. It is on protected land and has 36 meters high. This small mountain has the advantage that it is close to a waterway frequented by both Yava Script Pods and SLGI Fleet.

Pennycat Mountain[]

Pennycat with altitude

Pennycat is a large mountain located inside four sims. In fact, it is located at a sim corner, with its highest peak inside Pennycat, but very close to the border. It has 122 meters high and is clearly visible on the map. Also, it forms the center of a large island.

The mountain is located on abandoned land, so it is easy to reach it. Access is possible (but not easy) from South-East, from coastal waterways. The sim to North, Socksamillion, is owned by a rental corporation who has skyboxes, one of them being clearly visible from the mountain.

To West, inside Simyit sim, a smaller peak is visible, united with the main mountain. It is 89 meters high. If someone wants to climb it, the view is worth the effort. The small mountain is a good place for a snapshot covering the coastal village.

No other mountain was detected on the island.

Undara Mountain[]

Undara with altitude

Undara is a small island. At its East end, there is a structure that resembles more a hill then a mountain. Maximum altitude was measured to be 46 meters high. The mountain is straight at the sim border and terraforming in next sim (Nebo) had a catastrophically effect. Currently, the mountain is on a parcel set for sale, so for a while visitors can explore it (even if land does not allow scripts to work).

Further East, there is Kinara sim, where altitude survey revealed the presence of something high. It is in fact a hill, not a mountain. The land does not allow public access, anyway.

Jolnir Mountain[]

Jolnir Crane & Observatory

Close to the North-West end of Corsica, inside Jolnir sim, a different type of mountain can be found. It is not a classic mountain, but an extension of a plateau that stretches to North.

The mountain is elevated to 69 meters. On its top, there is a massive yellow crane. A bit more to North, what looks like a yellow astronomical observatory, is in fact a device made to clear animations and prims. The observatory is at 56 meters high and the platform holding the crane at 69.

Land is inhabited land and allows visitors to come.

North-West Cape Mountains[]

Blarn Isle

There are 3 mountains located at the North-West end of Corsica. All 3 are isolated and hard to reach. There is a strip of protected waterway used both by Yava Script Pods and SLGI Fleet that reaches very close to the mountains. However, land restrictions block visitors to reach the peaks.

The mountain on Blarn Isle is close to the sea shore. It was measured to be 54 meters high. Unfortunately, it is located on Land With Restricted Access, so it cannot be visited. It is small and sharp. There are also a few sculpted mountains around. However, because land does not allow visitors, it is hard to come closer then 100 meters.

Glentissen is another mountain, shared between Glentissen and Liome sims. It is also on land with restricted access, surrounded by high walls. The mountain was measured to be 84 meters high, but it is covered by sculpted stones, so it is impossible to know its real height.

Earlen Pire - Mahera is the third mountain, shared between two sims. This one is 65 meters high. The sim border goes straight over its peak. This is the only mountain that can be visited, since it is covered by abandoned land. Still, you have to go through some inhabited land to reach it.

Castlerea Mountain[]


Castlerea is a small mountain, reaching 50 meters high. Some might argue that it is a hill. It is located very close to the shores, on a tiny parcel of abandoned land. Maximum altitude is 50 meters. The mountain is covered by grass and not by rock. Despite its small size, it is worth a visit for the landscape. Being higher then the surrounding buildings, it allows a better landscape of the area.

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