Snowlands Subcontinent

A Subcontinent is a part of a continent and is composed of sims with some similar characteristics and in border contact (not corner contact) one with each other. Unlike a continent, a Microcontinent, a Sim Cluster or a Grid Sector, subcontinents don't have clear borders. That means, anyone can group sims inside a continent and create their own subcontinents.


Subcontinents are easy to find on old continents, like Sansara or Heterocera and are far more rare on newer continents like Nautilus or Satori. Some subcontinents are defined by the Linden officials themselves, but many of them have never been named official.

Sometimes, also private-owned continents have their own subcontinents. The same, sometimes a large microcontinent can have subcontinents.

Borders And Names[]

There are no clear borders of a subcontinent. For example, Snowlands Subcontinent, the most known subcontinent of Sansara, can be defined strictly as the snow-covered area or can also include the Northern tundra and the Ice Bay. Someone can also divide Snowlands into a Northern and a Southern area. In the same way, Bay City can be considered as a subcontinent. Others might say that also the suburbs (Luna and Nova Albilon) are part of the subcontinent, while others might argue that Bay City, the urban area, should be divided into an Eastern and a Western area.

With other words, every resident can fix its own subcontinents and their borders.

SLGI team does not give official names. Our classification is made on pure Geographic reasons.

In many cases, we established borders between subcontinents based on sim borders. However, in some cases, we have to use other things, like waterways, roads or altitude lines.

While some areas of Sansara and even Heterocera have known historical names, many other areas completely lack any name. Over time, residents proposed names for certain areas, but still there are large parts of many continents completely lacking a name for their subcontinents. In such situation, SLGI team had to suggest names based on Geographic considerations.


The same subcontinents are listed in alphabetical order and in chronological identification order.

Alphabetical List[]

Here, all subcontinents are listed in alphabetic order after their home continent.

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