This is a list of all groups of sims that are too small or are not linked together to form a continent. The lists and maps were last updated with data from March, 2014.

Grid sectors


A Continent is a group of more then 30 sims, linked together in such a way that an avatar can travel from one sim to another.

A Microcontinent is a group of less then 30 sims but more then 2, linked together in such a way that an avatar can travel from one sim to another.

A Sim Cluster is a group with more then 10 sims that are not connected (or they are linked only at corners), but still are a distinct feature on map.

A Sim Group is a structure with less then 10 sims, not connected. A sim group can also consist of two sims linked together.

Unassociated Sims are diffuse sims that cannot be clearly linked into visible grid structures.

An Isolated Sim is a remote sim that cannot be linked to anything else.

A Grid Sector is a part of the map.


These small structures concentrate more then 70% of the sims that form our world. For unknown reasons, not many people worked on to make a map or a list of the small dots and spots on the world map. Since our world is more then 10 years old and its expansion state ended (came to maturity), such lists are required by more and more residents. If any resident is against something in this article, please improve. Also, if you are one of the Linden officials and you are against this article, please delete it.


These small structures are with hundreds on the map. They are created and deleted often, they change their shapes by adding or deleting sims. To find their position, the best way is to use Coordinates.For the winter census of microcontinents and sim clusters, the grid was divided into sectors, each Grid Sector counting 100 sims length and 100 sims wide.

In the list, the coordinates are given in the following form: longitude (min - max) / latitude (min - max).


Since there is no list of references and nobody tried to create this list, we had to give names to the small structures that exist on our map. If anybody knows the names of any microcontinent, sim cluster or group of sims, please help improve the list. Help is needed.

We usually give a name when many sims share a common name or when the sims share a common theme. In rare situations, names can be from nearby Geographic strucutres or from coordinates.

Most usually, the names here are actually numbers, like in Astronomy. They are temporary names, until someone will find a better name.

How to read the list[]

The format is the following one: Name - Type - Coordinates - Other notes

The type is:

  1. M - microcontinent
  2. S - sim cluster
  3. I - sim groups or remote islands

Other notes - might refer to relative position (see Oceans) or additional info.



See Vanished Grid Structures for details.


Added in summer 2015[]

Added in autumn 2020[]

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