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A Grid Sector is a part of the map. The term is not official, it was inserted by Second Life Geography team. Just like the real world, our virtual world has its own Coordinates that allows us to easy divide it into smaller units. The main difference is that Earth is round, while virtual grids are flat. So, we are on a flat virtual Earth. In this environment, parallels and meridians are not circles, but simple lines that cross the grid and divide it into squares.


Each grid sector is a square composed of 100/100 sims. Their naming is similar to that used to name squares on a chess board. This way, orientation becomes far more easy.

In theory, a grid sector contains 10 000 sims. In practice, usually there is far more void then occupied space. No sector contains more then 45% sims. There are even grid sectors that host only a single sim. And there still are many void sectors (hosting no sim).

Since our world is dynamic, many grid structures are created and deleted over time. So, the interior of a grid sector also changes often.


This list contains also their Coordinates:


In addition, grid sector K14 (1100-1200/1400-1500) hosted a single sim at Coordinates 1100/1401 (straight at the South-West corner) in May 2015, but in August 2015, the sim was gone. See Vanished Grid Structures and Void Ocean for more details.

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