Inner Atoll

The Inner Atoll is a Subcontinent part of Heterocera, surrounded by water. The SLGI team gave it the transitory name B038.


The Inner Atoll was developed in 2006, together with the continent and formed an important orientation point for residents visiting the newborn Heterocera. In the central lake, a freebie rezzer was installed. From time to time, the Lindens still supply it with freebies.

The Inner Atoll was built with two unconnected roads, one following the inner lake coast and one following the outer coast. At some point, the two roads were connected.


The Inner Atoll consists of 23 sims and has a roughly spherical shape. It consists of a central small lake (Caldera), surrounded by the atoll shape, plus surrounding coasts.


Altitude map

The Inner Atoll has an interesting and unique structure, not seen in other parts of the grid. It has a central lake, Caldera, surrounded by the atoll itself.


Caldera Lake is located in the center of the atoll. Water surface is at 60 m high and the deepest point is at 53 m high. Therefore, the lake lies 40 m above ocean level. The largest part of the lake is located inside Zaygaena sim and is Protected Land. The lake further extends into 3 adjacent sims.

An important aspect is that ground water level is 60 m high. Because of this, a few small additional bodies of water can be found, with their surface situated at the same elevation. The largest ones are Lake Citrago and Lake Diloba. Both are located close to roads and therefore can be easily visited.

Inner Atoll Range[]

The dryland surrounding Caldera is formed of a hilly range, with highest elevation of 83 m at the border between Lupulinus and Castaneae sims. Lowest elevation point along the range is 76 m, on the road that connects the inner and outer roads. The dividing range is much closer to Caldera then it is to the outer coast. In South, the hill range is more flat and offers enough land for building.

Altitude drops slowly to West, where land appears to be more flat. In East, there are a few steep grades, especially in Lupulinus sim, where the hills look more like mountains.

Outer Coast[]

The outer coast of the atoll is more flat and has low elevations. It looks more like a coral reef beach. In most cases, protected waterways are not too close, so that residents also own part of the coastal waters. This allows residents to build beach houses, to build structures on pillars or to manage their own docks.

Land Status[]

The shores of Caldera

The Inner Atoll has some areas of protected land, including all roads and the part of Lake Caldera located inside Zayganea sim. Inhabited Land forms most of the parcels existing in the area. Land estates are not powerful within the area. Still, Abandoned Land is present.


The best way to visit the Inner Atoll is by car. A bridge connects it with the Outer Atoll, the main part of Heterocera.

There are two main roads, one along the outer coast and one encircling lake Caldera. It is also possible to enter the protected part of Caldera from North directly from the road. Rezz zones are rare within the area, so drivers should rezz their cars outside. There is also one road connecting the two roads.

The Inner Atoll can be circumnavigated by boat. However, in most cases, this requires a talented sailor, as many waterways are narrow and shallow. There is no public place to rezz your boat on the shores. Still, residents owning land near the sea have plenty of opportunities to sail. Lake Caldera has no rezz zones, but it is accessible for residents owning land nearby.

The YavaScript Pods have regular tours on the roads. The SLGI Trains fly at some altitude and don't enter the Inner Atoll.

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