Grumphmunch Channel

Grumphmunch Channel is a Geographic Structure that stretches through two sims and allows a water connection between Dire Strait and East Nautilus Shores.


This channel is the easiest connection between Dire Strait and the East Nautilus Coastal Waterways. It also forms the easiest connection between Dire Strait and Blake Sea or Seychelles Subcontinent. Through Seychelles Transcontinental Channel, it allows a fast and easy access to Corsica. Also, via Blake Sea, it allows ships and airplanes to reach the coast of Satori.


The channel stretches through two sims. It is large enough for big ships, so even a transatlantic could pass through it. The sims are named Grumphmunch and Dooknock. The first one is almost entirely Inhabited Land and hosts a large port. The second sim is almost entirely Protected Land and hosts a small dock close to a rezz zone.


This channel has a secondary importance for Nautilus Strait Project. Its purpose is to link Dire Strait to the East Nautilus Coastal Waterway.

The importance of this channel is for large ships and airplanes, as it provides the easiest access route between Dire Strait and the nearby continents: Blake Sea, Corsica and Satori.

Automated vehicles move along the way. Yava Script Pods use the channel as an easy way to reach the islands found on East Nautilus Coast, where they stop at every island. The SLGI Fleet detaches SLGI Ship Dawn to reach some of the islands and one of the Transcontinental Channels that links to Blake Sea.

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