Grid Sector E11

Grid Sector E11 is located at Coordinates 500-600/1100-1200 , in Far West Ocean. It is linked with Grid Sector E12 in North, with Grid Sector E10 in South, with Grid Sector D11 in West and with Grid Sector F11 in East.

General Info[]


A distinctive feature for E11 is that Unassociated Sims are found to have a low sim density, compared to other grid sectors. they are spread over the sector just like rare stars fill the intergalactic environment. Nearly half of all sims (180) are found inside A089 Sim Cluster, in West, while the other microcontinents and sim clusters host half of the remaining sims.

In the South - East corner, sim density is increasing, giving the impression of another sim cluster made of 15 to 20 sims, but if you remove sector limits and you look into nearby sectors, everyone can see an increase in sim density among the unassociated sims found in South - East.

Internal Grid Structures[]

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