Grid Sector E10

Grid Sector E10 is located at Coordinates 500-600/1000-1100 , in Far West Ocean. It is linked with Grid Sector E11 in North, with Grid Sector E9 in South, with Grid Sector D10 in West and with Grid Sector F10 in East.

General Info[]


A distinctive feature for E10 is that Unassociated Sims are found to have a low sim density, compared to other grid sectors. they are spread over the sector just like rare stars fill the intergalactic environment. Nearly half of existing sims are located inside WideWorld Sim Cluster, while half of the other existing sims are placed in other grid structures.

There is a high number of microcontinents, some of them of large sizes. If somehow they will be connected into a larger structure, they will form a new continent.

Internal Grid Structures[]

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