Gaeta 1 map

The Eastern part of Gaeta 1 is a Subcontinent. SLGI team gave it the transitory name B123.


This subcontinent was built at the end of 2008 or the beginning of 2009. It is the last part of the old mainland built by Linden Lab. As the Linden officials were building this subcontinent, Abandoned Land started to form all over the grid. The demand for new land decreased below the available land requirements.

For a long time, most land was not sold. After 2017, a few estates, interested in purchasing entire sims, took advantage of the situation and purchased most of the sims located in East.

Gaeta 1 remained incomplete since that time. It was planned to build a road network, which was never completed and remained as a virgin path.


The subcontinent consists of 17 sims, 8 of them being entirely Protected Land and one being half protected, half Inhabited Land.


Altitude map

Half of the continent is coastal waterway, while half is a coastal plain. Altitude is very low. All dryland is a large plain. In most places, through terraforming, elevation can be reduced below sea level.

Before land was sold, the overall aspect of the area was that of a desert.

The Northern sims are opened for navigation, protected waterways.

There is an island located in East, in Blinter sim. The island has a small rezz zone. Most residents consider it the island at the end of the world.

Land Status[]

Half of the subcontinent is composed of protected waterways. There is also a trail of protected land formed of two waterways and a virgin trail known as Wedge Road. The other half is Inhabited Land, usually owned by large corporations.


The subcontinent has the advantage of large undisturbed waterways, opened for sailing. One can rezz a boat at Blinter Island.

There is a virgin trail known as the Wedge Road, which is continued with three narrow waterways. Nearby residents tried to put asphalt on the road. There is a rezz zone for cars and boats in Wedge.

The YavaScript pods and the SLGI Fleet operate in the area.

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