Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 7 July 2016

Let's repair what can be repaired

For almost 5 months, I was unable to login. Not surprisingly, my account was put on hold, because I could no longer pay for my tier. Now, I can login, but I am still unable to use a credit card. So, the only money I have is what comes from my online shop. As a direct result, SLGI land holdings are now strictly limited.

This is because I live in a dangerous area, with many conflicts.

Our institute is gone. I know and I cannot do much about this. Probably it is gone forever. Now, I only have two parcels: one in Achemon (for Heterocera and Sansara) and one in Thorlaug (for East continents). I can support this without problems, it is still enough for keeping alive the SLGI Transportation Systems, but it will never be enough to keep an institute …

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 27 October 2015

SLGI Fleet is operational at full power!

The last weeks, Geographic research activity was stopped for a reason. The SLGI Fleet had to be re-configured. And finally, after more then an year, all SLGI vehicles that are running on the East continents (Nautilus, Corsica and Satori) are functional again.

More then an year ago, we started the Nautilus Strait Project, in order to create a bypass that would allow automated vehicles to pass over this continent. Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, I had to stop. Some friends kept on going with the project, using my account, but in the end, they stopped too. Then, after more then an year, we were surprised that some land changed its permission and some people who first agreed with the project, sold their lands. The entire project cam…

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 2 October 2015

Nautilus Strait Project - operational again

Everyone who looks at the maps of Nautilus can easy see the presence of many unconnected features: unconnected roads, isolated waterways. This is very strange if we think that Nautilus actually is a bypass continent, connecting all nearby continents.

In order to make navigation possible for automated vehicles, SLGI team started the Nautilus Strait Project. We encountered many problems. Finally, it is operational again, after an year.

Also, the SLGI Fleet will be back operational and its service will follow a strict schedule. After an year, it is finally taking shape. Our automated vehicles will be running again, just like the SLGI Trains (who will undergo some important updates in the near future).

We did not abandon the Geographic research. …

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 7 September 2015

Why there has been no activity on the wiki?

There have been created no new articles in the last days? Why this? Am I dead? Are the SLGI surveys off? What is going on there?

No. We are still working on our surveys. Everything is going on as it should be. However, many activities are going on far slower, because they request a lot of research. After completing the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and then the List Of Grid Sectors, together with List Of Continents, it is time to move on and work on the List Of Subcontinents.

There is a small problem. Some subcontinents were analyzed before SLGI was formed and there have been written a lot about them. However, other subcontinents are less studied (sometimes, we know almost nothing about them). As always, SLGI team is treating ever…

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 20 August 2015

SLGI Wiki, phase 1 completed!

Phase 1 completed!

The List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters is ready. From the original 231 microcontinents, sim clusters, sim groups and isolated sims, 179 were still online. Other new 135 were discovered. This means that now the list contains 314 items. We reached the grid structure with transitory name A367.

The List Of Continents is also ready. We now have 25 continents online. There are 2 new continents, while 3 have vanished. Since the beginning of SLGI team, we recorded 29 continents, 5 of them no longer exist today.

The new List Of Grid Sectors now contains 79 items, while a grid sector vanished. Hope that this new list will prove useful for someone.

Overall, our wiki has grown to an incredible 459 articles. I think this is the mos…

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 6 August 2015

Beyond my expectations!

What is going on with SLGI wiki is by far beyond my wildest expectations.

For the moment, we are only editing the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and List Of Continents. I never imagined how far things are going now. In 2014, at our last edit (at that time, it was inside the SL Wiki), we listed 232 microcontinents. Some of them no longer exist, of course, but other new ones came to life.

We discovered so many new microcontinents! Just look at the section added in summer 2015 and you will see. From 232, we arrived at 346! And the survey is not finished yet. I estimate that, at the end of this survey, we will have nearly 400 grid structures listed (including about 40 vanished).

So, anyone can ask: From 232 microcontinents and sim cluster…

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 19 July 2015

So many surprises! So much unknown!

The surveys are going on. After an year when SLGI team could only watch as our virtual world is changing, the former articles on SL wiki are outdated.

So much have changed in an year. In many places, sim clusters or microcontinents have added new sims. In others, they have lost a part. Parcels have changed, land has changed, even new continents have come to life, while older ones no longer exist.

So many things to write about.

And this is not all. At previous surveys, we did not give so much attention to every detail. This time, it's time to do something that was never done before. It is time to create a real Geographic encyclopedia for a virtual world. It is time to prove that our virtual world is worth of exploring.

Just take a look at the L…

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 9 July 2015

So many things have changed!

SLGI wiki is growing. That's for sure. But We passed 200 articles and the list is increasing.

But why all this?

In the old times, when Linden Lab was more friendly on its wiki, we kept all data updated. But after an year of absence, there is a lot work to do. Many things have changed.

We only started updating the longest part, List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters. Previous list included about 230 items, now we have passed over 280. So, again, many things have changed. Many of these tiny structures have died, other new ones are online and majority of existing structures have undergone massive changes.

And to make things more easy, each grid article will have a special chapter, sim examples. This way, anyone can easily find the place we are t…

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 15 June 2015

SLGI wiki is growing!

Since the original Second Life Wiki was blocked, there was so hard editing Geographic articles. Even today, it is a hard job to work on it. In an year, so many things changed to our virtual world. Many map structures were created or vanished.

It is such a pleasure to see the SLGI Wiki growing slowly. All Geographic articles listed here, are analyzed, corrected and updated. So much work is to be done...

Currently, not many people know about the SLGI Wiki. Not even many from SLGI team. It will be a huge surprise for all, to have all our Geographic research here. Anyway, we are not many. just a few people. We are a small group.

I see by the number of viewed pages, that there are not many visitors yet, since nobody knows about the SLGI Wiki. And …

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Ana Imfinity Ana Imfinity 13 May 2015

Why SLGI Wiki?

Second Life Geography team, also known as group Geography Of Second Life is a resident-made organization. We are not affiliated to anyone. All our actions are made by our own. Our goal is to help people learn and find their ways inside the virtual world of Second Life.

As far, we created a large database on the Second Life wiki, that can be accessed here.

We also created an inworld place, known as Second Life Geography Institute or SLGI, in Achemon sim.

All was looking very good, but at some point, because of yet unknown reasons, the Second Life wiki was closed for editing. This was not done for us. Nobody could edit any article, except the administrators. That wiki is owned by Linden Lab, the owner of Second Life virtual world. They officially s…

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