A089 Sim Cluster

A089 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster that exists in Grid Sector E11, in Far West Ocean. Its Coordinates are: 500-518/1049-1094.


Like majority of large far West sim clusters, A089 has remained almost unchanged between 2013 and 2015. However, even if the sims are almost the same, their content has changed.


This sim cluster is one of the orientation points in the West part of the grid. That is because it is large and dense. It has about 250 sims (that is more than any private-owned Continent). Sims are packed together and in diagonal contact one with the other. They don't form a well-structured geometric shape, since there are holes in the structure. It is placed so far to West, that it is in contact with the void ocean.

Trust Microcontinent (A090) and Tiki - JK Microcontinent (A091) are inside A089 Sim Cluster.


Skyboxes exist and in many places they double land surface of a sim. Skyboxes appear to have a much higher density then in other places. Geographic features vary from sim to sim. In many places, land is flat and sometimes divided by Water. In that case, islands have a more rectangular shape and water is not always deep. Tropical beach paradise is found in many sims, with low land altitude. High altitudes have not been detected, but there are sculpted mountains (not built by terraforming).

Land Status[]

Land is owned by a single estate (or a single estate owner). Land has various levels of fragmentation into parcels, from entire sims to many small pieces. Land With Restricted Access is more rare, but it exists, but Protected Land is also rare. There is available land for sale or rent.

Sim Examples[]

  • Forbidden
  • Torn
  • St Tropez
  • Surfers Paradise

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